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Emission-free. Your lawn cut everyday for less than you pay now.

The North’s ONLY Robotic Lawn Mowing company. Weekly lawn mowing is a thing of the past. 

Why Robo Lawns?

NO Emissions

Lawn mowing and trucks produce a significant amount of our pollution in canada. Our mowers reduce emissions greatly!

No More Late Crews

Rain delays? Unreliable lawn services? Not anymore – forget about it! Our robots are there, day in and day out

Perfect Lawn 24/7

Our mowers cut your property 7 days a week so that you don’t need to wait until ‘cut day’ to have your lawn cut. Your lawn will be cut to your desired cut length every day, of every week.

Let’s compare how your lawn will look with the OUTDATED method of Weekly Regular Lawn Mowing VS our 24/7 Robotic Mowing Service

Book Your Robot Installation for ONLY $499
ABSOLUTELY FREE until June 1st!

Use Promo Code “FREEINSTALL” at checkout

How It Works

Choose your date

Select your services

Book online in 1 minute

Pay securely online

No nasty long term contracts

Relax & enjoy your robot!

Book Your Robot Installation for ONLY $450 
ABSOLUTELY FREE until April 15th! 

Use Promo Code “FREEINSTALL” at checkout

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Traditional Lawn Mowing Service

Main Office Location

5-1305 Kelly Lake Road Sudbury Ontario P3E 5P5

Robo Lawns Northern Ontario

Robotic Lawn Care Sudbury
Robotic Lawn Mowing Sudbury
Grass Cutting Sudbury
Weed Control Sudbury
Fertilization Sudbury
Tractor Snow Blowing Sudbury
Robotic Lawn Care North Bay
Robotic Lawn Mowing North Bay
Grass Cutting North Bay
Weed Control North Bay
Fertilization North Bay
Robotic Lawn Care Sault Ste Marie
Robotic Lawn Mowing Sault Ste Marie
Grass Cutting Sault Ste Marie
Weed Control Sault Ste Marie
Fertilization Sault Ste Marie
Robotic Lawn Care Timmins
Robotic Lawn Mowing Timmins
Grass Cutting Timmins
Weed Control Timmins
Fertilization Timmins

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